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Welcome to "Mlyn na Khutori"™ website

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We produce short-cut pasta

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Productivity of our factory is
about 400 tons of pasta per month

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About Us


We produce pasta products for over 20 years


In 2016 we launched a completely new production line and  new trade mark “Mlyn na Khutori


Our production is located in ecologically clean area of the Dnepropetrovsk region (Khutoro-Gubinikha village)


In addition to cooperation with the Ukrainian customers, we offer the export to the CIS countries, Asia and the Middle East

Our advantages

(Рус) Качество продукции

(Рус) Благодаря новым производственным мощностям, большому опыту, ориентации на экспорт и контролю сырья мы добиваемся высокого качества продукции.

(Рус) Помощь в последующей продаже

(Рус) Систематическое проведение акций для потребителя (10+1), возможность заказа сборной продукции, рекламное сопровождение (буклеты, рекламные баннеры).


(Рус) При заказе от 5т предоставляется скидка на всю нашу продукцию.

Convenient shipping options

We ship our products through Ukraine from two warehouses in Khutoro-Gubinikha (Dnipro region) and Lviv. Also we offer delivery basis EXW, FCA, FOB for exporters.

Production and wholesale of short cut pasta, class “Extra”, group B, in the Dnipropetrovsk region, across Ukraine and for export to the CIS countries, Africa and the Middle East. Buying pasta under “Mlyn na Khutori”™ from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Blagolviya” Ltd. – it’s easy and profitable. We always have the optimal price for pasta and flour.