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Pasta "Mlyn na Khutori" ™


We produce short-cut pasta Class “Extra”, group B, made from the best varieties of Ukrainian wheat and clean drinking water. We do not use dyes and additives.

Our pasta has superior flavor characteristics. During cooking, do not stick together, do not boil soft.

Products meet: DSTU 7043:2009

Storage conditions: from +5 to +28 С, humidity not more than 70%.

Ingredients: wheat flour, drinking water.

Types of pasta

Our product range includes 8 types of short cut pasta.


Any type of pasta can be packed into 4 types of branded packages “Mlyn na Khutori” ™: polypropylene bags 400g and 900g, 5kg polyethylene bags and 20 kg polypropylene bags.

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Class “Extra” pasta is clean and nutritious product that has amber-yellow colour, glossy surface, retains its shape during cooking and does not stick. Nutritional value per 100 g product: fat 1.1 g, protein 10.5 g, carbohydrates 70.4 g, vitamins B1, B2, PP. Energy value – 340 kcal, contains essential amino acids. The company has established a certified quality and food safety management system that meets the requirements of  ISO 22000:2005 concerning the pasta production. We have a complete package of documents for cooperation with foreign partners.